Funeral Flowers

No one ever wants to think about funeral flowers but they are so important. Instead of ordering real flowers that will die in a week and be thrown in the trash why not go faux? When my best friend died, these were some of the hardest floral arrangements I've ever made. I wanted to do something special for her parents and so I asked them if I could borrow her favorite boots. Then, I added some of her favorite colored flowers, ones that I thought she would like. I also made the angel wing hanging decor. When my best friends mom realized that she would be able to take them home and keep them forever, she cried from gratitude. Now, every time I go visit them, I too get to take a sneak peak at her boots, pictures on the wall and the angel wings soaring over her. It is never too late to order a sentimental gift, for someone you love, and put a smile on their face.



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