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Floral wedding design is much more than a bouquet and centerpiece. Rather, it is a carefully curated art form, expressing the bride and groom’s personalities and values arranged into a beautiful floral displays. As the bride walks down the aisle and into a new life, a bouquet full of hidden meanings and sweet sentiments speaks for itself. At Christina Baxter Weddings & Events, we meticulously craft each flowery detail—especially the bride’s bouquet.

FUN FACT: Did you know that old-fashioned, traditional wedding etiquette calls for one extra detail of the couple’s love story? The groom was to buy his bride’s bouquet, demonstrating his perception of his bride through the collection flowers used.

Though this detail may have fallen through the cracks as floral arrangements for weddings become more extravagant by the day, couples can add a personal sentiment and sense of self to this centuries old tradition.

This thought-filled layer of the planning process gives brides and grooms the freedom to represent their personalities and future wishes through their floral design. Partnering with our network of skilled florist, we will create envy-worthy florals full of thoughtful symbolism.

Whether you are recently engaged, starting the planning process or creating a stunning floral Pinterest board, consider this resource your crash course on the blooms and their symbolism. Most flowers are defined by their type, while roses are categorized by their color.

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