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Meet Our Team



Owner/Lead Florist Designer

 It may surprise you to know that Jenn has a nursing degree but realized her biggest dream was providing couples with an affordable, yet breathtaking gorgeous flowers for their special day. “I don’t want to simply create beautiful arrangements. I want to showcase the couple. My goal is for the guests to recognize immediately that this is not just another cookie cutter wedding but tells a story of that specific couple! Each one of us have our own unique story, why not celebrate that on the most celebrated day of your union?"



Owner/Backdrop Engineer

How fitting is it that Jenn's husband Ronnie is a senior engineer? While Jenn is the visionary, Ronnie is the brains who is able to execute her ideas perfectly! You may not always see Ronnie in the spotlight, but he is always there lending a helping hand and supporting his wife. 



 Floral Designer

Lauren has spent a majority of her life in the service industry and running small businesses with her father. She has a deep passion for the Arts and all things crafty. There isn't much that Lauren won't try her hand at. If you can dream it, she'll craft a way to make it come true!

"I've always known my heart belonged in a career that offered growth and the ability to freely express myself."

Without knowing it, her true passion would be right here as part of the  Fauxtastic Floral team.  

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